BASE Communication Middleware

BASE is a Java-based communication middleware that runs on virtually everything that has a virtual machine. This includes for example embedded systems like SunSPOTS, TINI or JSTAMP micro controllers, OpenWRT access points, J2ME-powered, Windows Mobile and Android mobile phones as well as standard Linux, Windows and Macintosh PCs.

PCOM Distributed Component System

PCOM is a Java-based distributed component system for spontaneously networked devices. Running on top of BASE, it provides support for automatic configuration and adaptation of a distributed application. It supports pluggable configuration algorithms and it can deal with strictly limited resources.

NARF Component System

The NARF component system is a platform-independent software system that has been implemented in Java. It consists of a runtime system, a set of development tools that integrate with the Eclipse platform and a toolkit of reusable components. With these building blocks, the system simplifies the development of applications that use sensors in order to capture contextual information. The NARF runtime system applies a novel technique called configuration folding in order to increase the energy efficiency in cases where multiple applications are running simultaneously.

PECES Smart Space Middleware

PECES is a set of services built on top of BASE that enables the context-dependent formation of smart spaces. It uses a flexible, ontology-based context model to configure smart spaces using generic role assignment. The resulting spaces can be combined hierarchically which enables the seamless interaction of smart spaces across
the Internet.

NARF File Manager

The NARF File Manager is a compact and robust Android application to manage - i.e. open, move, copy,delete, send, etc. - files on an Android device. It supports a customizable user interface with different views and it shows previews of images (without creating temporary files). The application is free and does not contain ads. It is available through the Android market.

Atomic Timer MCE

Atomic Timer MCE  is a plug-in for Windows XP Media Center Edition that enables a user to setup timed notifications. Technically, the plug-in consists of an ActiveX control that is configured via a set of HTML pages that use the special API provided by the media center application. This allows the configuration of timers directly via the remote control. Unfortunately, this application does not work in newer versions of the Windows Media Center.

IScreen Coffee

IScreen Coffee  is a .NET application that replaces a coffee/drink consumption list and automates the billing. It is optimized for touch screens and it works very well on EEETop PCs. It can be configured using an Access database. I wrote it when I was responsible for managing the coffee bills in our department. It is simple and does not provide access control but it works well enough that it is also used by other research groups.


DvdInfoFix  is a simple .NET console application that corrects common issues in metadata files of the movie library contained in Windows Media Center. It is intended to be used in conjunction with DVD Library Manager. It will change the default encoding of the files produced by this tool and it will remove the direct references to images in order to increase the portability and robustness of the metadata files.


WmvInfoFix  is a simple .NET console application that integrates the data contained in metadata files of the Windows Media Center movie library into the tags of a WMV file. It can directly operate on the folders of the movie library to correct files in large batches. In addition, it can also correct individual files and it can delete the metadata again.


WtvWatch  is a plugin for Windows Media Center that automatically tags wtv files that have been watched for more than 10 minutes. In addition, it enables a user to tag and untag files directly from within media center. The tags are integrated as an asterisk in the title of the recording. This allows users to keep track of what they have seen already.


Movie Library  is an ASP.NET web application that creates a dynamic web page from a set of WMV files with assoicated Windows Media Center metadata. It enables searching of metadata and streaming of movies via Windows Media Player. The application can be installed directly on top of Internet Information Server to provide a better browsing experience than movie sharing via CIFS.


F-Inverter is a compiled AutoHotKey script that enables you to invert the function keys on Microsoft's Sculpt Mobile Keyboard. The script intercepts the key presses and sends the inverse commands. If you prefer to execute the script through the AutoHotKey interpreter or if you want to make your own modifications, you can download the F-Inverter (Sources) instead.